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02-16-04, 02:50 PM

just finished a 3 min anim featuring custom characters built in lightwave and rigged and animated in poser. i've uploaded to my website a segment (at 21mb a hefty one) from the middle third of the movie, as well as movie stills and a bit of exposition about its creation.

www.aarrgghh.com/media/pddGallery.html (http://www.aarrgghh.com/media/pddGallery.html)

just one favor to ask: i've been futzing around with the movie's gamma level, trying to get a compromise between mac and pc settings. the version that's up now should be a little light on macs and a little dark on pcs. but it's a crap shoot, really. if i could get a little feedback on whether you thought the clip was too dim or too washed out (don't forget to mention your platform as well), i'd appreciate it. thanx and enjoy!

02-16-04, 06:08 PM
Well, its going to be hard to get the right level from feedback from people, all of us have the monitor calibrated different. on mine the characters are on the brighhht side, the background is whashed out a lot.
If i may say something else, exaggerate the animation more, do the anticipations larger...just my comment.

02-19-04, 02:34 PM
Try to hold your poses longer, it will help speed the actions, because right now it feels like they are floating to much.
Is the sound from Dare Devil?... just curious!

Keep it up


02-19-04, 06:15 PM
well finally after compressing the thing a few dozen times with a dozen different codecs, we got the whole enchilada down to only (!) 27megs in quicktime format. you'll need to get the 3ivx codec in order to view it and i've made it downloadable from the same page for both pcs & macs.

but regarding the timing of the actions, it could always stand improvement but we don't have a whole lotta leeway in any direction since we're pretty much locked to the soundtrack, which yes is taken straight from the movie.

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