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06-08-04, 10:00 PM
Right now im starting a project of affordable furnitre for social interest living (very very small houses) mostly focused on latin american (mexican) homes. The idea is avoid high produtcion costs by selling first the concepts on 3D images, so the intent is to make very realistic images in a very very short time, so what i am trying to do is: find the midpoint between speed and quality.

this scene was modeled and rendered in 2 hr 10 min. is it too long? is it real enough?

ohh, it was using maya 5.0 and Mental ray, DGS shaders.

06-09-04, 03:00 AM
looks fine
the only thing Idon?t like is pseudo Andy Wirlhol paint
just kidding
interesting the moire effect in the pillows
how long take render ?

06-09-04, 02:34 PM
well the final render took about 15 minutes, on a notebook pentium M 1.6 GHz 512MB Ram. the pillows are just polygons and DGS shaders.

thanks for the comment

06-09-04, 02:54 PM
Hi Peengoh, being peeky here, my concern with your image are the edges of the walls, they seem kind of harsh. Also, there's some funky shading blobs going on around the image... specially under the picture and below the window (might well be the compression of the image, kind of weird shades there.. like badly calculated photons.. anyways, don't know for sure). Else, i kind of like the image.


06-09-04, 03:53 PM
thanx for the coment paco, i know about the blotchy shadows, there are varios parameters to avoid them:

1. using more final gather rays, in this scene we have 150, the ideal is 1000.

2. using more photons, there is just one light with 3000 GI photons, 100,000 would be better

3. improving the Global Ilumination accuracy and Radius.

the problem is that all this increases the render time considerably, and a 15 minute render goes to 1 hr.
remember the idea is to present a quick concept as real as posible, as fast as posible, cause while you are on the store buying, the designer is working on your design.

So the question is... Is this quality enough? is this fast enough, would you wait 2 hours to see your design?

if you have any tips in order to improve the workflow, like making templates, or anything at all would be great. another problem i have is i can't export MR custom shaders, so i have to make the shader again and again with every scene, and it takes a lot of time specialy when it comes to light linking.

thanks again.

el pingo.

06-09-04, 04:18 PM
Hi peengoh ... nice image. And about quality, you could consider increasing the GI photons.. the photon map calculates very very fast and will help you improve FG rays... also, your walls (geometry) looks too sharp. Maybe I could suggest adding some edges to give a rounded-like shape in the corners, but that's a minor thing.

About a workflow, you can create your network shaders and the export using phenomenizer.. it worths a read. Also, to improve the light linking, download and install the mr AEtemplates from this site http://www.impresszio.hu/szabolcs/ (There's a button to connect/disconnect lights)..


06-10-04, 01:07 AM
well, if you'll be making a whole sequence, you might bake the texture and fix it (to be up to par) in a paint program (gimp? photoshop?). Even just for a still, you'd better do some reotuching (which shouldn't take that much time).

Haven't used maya for quite some time, but as far as i remember, you were able to save out complete shaders... yet as you are also using custom stuff might not work that great for you.
BTW, did final gathering made it onto the Mental ray implementation of maya?? (you can greatly reduce time by using it instead of FG).. Maybe you can also try some occlusion shaders instead of FG, have you looked at those?

Good luck.


06-10-04, 01:07 PM
Considering the time invested, I think it turned out well :)

06-11-04, 12:46 AM
Mr. Pingo...
I like a lot:

*minimalistc design
*High ceilings
*Wooden Floor
*Afternoon Lighting

Your render has all of them. Its a nice work for 2 hours modeling-shading-rendering. It has a lot of technical issues, all of them involving ray trace lighting/shadows. Please follow the advices above and render it again.

The furniture is your design? The lighting desing is based on something?

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06-11-04, 09:51 PM
Edgar - thanks for the tips, i havn?t had much time to get it to practice, but i really appreciate the comments. i will let you know as soon as i can do it.

Paco - yes final gathering had a substancial improve in MR for maya 5, as a fact FG stands for Final gathering, i use both on this image. the point is i am not going to make secuences, the idea is you enter the store, and you sill have an industrial designer working there, and he /she will design for you as you guide him on the design process, then if you like it while you take a look around, keep shoping or whatever you want to do, he renders it and gives you a print, so that way people will be more encouraged to buy, design furniture but at affordable prices. Anyway, i haven't used occlusion for quite a bit, but i will give it a shot, thanks for the time to see, read, and write a post.

Rulas - thank you yes the design is mine, the idea is we are making this furniture, there are some made, there are some just on paper or concept. the principal concept of this is that you don?t have to make a prototipe or have a warehouse with all your furniture, but all of them are just 3D models and concepts. the ligting design is just based on the idea that you fell more comfortable under warm light, specaly the golden colors that are shown during dawn or sunset.

as soon as i have more about this project i will let you know thank you very much for the tips and comments!