View Full Version : We need new Contests

12-20-11, 09:33 AM
More than 5 Years ago i was a daily user of Deathfall, I was looking forward into my future, Deathfall was like teacher in many ways and today iam where i want to be. And i believe it would be great if we can do a challange. I prefer VFX challanges with HD Footage.

12-20-11, 02:11 PM
Is great to have you back Alex!

I want to program a new Contest section for the new Death Fall look, and try to do a big contest like the Dungeons and Dragons contest we did last time, but I haven't had the time to do that, I've been doing other stuff, I hope in a couple of month I can do that and then launch a contest, and yeah, like you say, it would be nice to do a VFX challenge, and now with the 5D Mark II is easier to get some footage.

If you have some ideas it would be nice to hear them :)

And welcome back!

12-20-11, 03:02 PM
yeah.. Canon 5D Mark II ;) very nice Cam;)