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03-31-12, 12:01 AM
http://www.evileyepictures.com/email_update/images/header/eepIDENTITY_gfx_web2.0_announcement_v001_header_v0 03.jpg (http://evileyepictures.com)
We have revamped our website (http://evileyepictures.com)!

Evil Eye Pictures has been busy; having worked on Thor, Tree of Life, Captain America, Super 8, Ghost Rider 2 and recently wrapping up on Avengers, we thought now would be a perfect time to completely rebuild our website.

We have increasingly pushed our design and pipeline on some exciting photo-based environments with heavy Nuke projections, cg rendering with Mentalray & Vray, photo-real fire fx with Houdini, and more. We're proud to show you more about our workflow and the results on the new site. Check out the latest and greatest work and some details about our staff.

http://www.evileyepictures.com/email_update/images/staff/eepIDENTITY_gfx_web2.0_announcement_v001_eyesall_v 001a.jpg (http://evileyepictures.com/?about)