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10-28-04, 02:28 AM
Hey everyone,

Here goes my first post. These are a couple of characters I'm working on for final project. This render was done mainly to test out the scale of my quadruped. Comments/crits on the anything always appreciated and helpful. Also I'm not sure if I'm going to use the current lighting I have, so any thoughts on that are appreciated as well.

Thanks in advance.
Tear 'em up.

Eric Schall


10-28-04, 02:39 AM
Great great models!

10-28-04, 02:47 AM
yes, really nice models.. I've seen your wires and other stills and looks very promising ;)
some textures will help your lighting.

10-28-04, 04:22 AM
thanks you guys for the kind words. For demo reel I decided to focus on modeling. But I have aspirations of being one of those all around character artists eventually, so texturing my stuff is definitely on the agenda ;)

thanks again


10-28-04, 02:39 PM
I'd tell you I know that guy (from 3d.sk) :)

waiting for the reel now ;)

10-28-04, 05:02 PM
Really nice, It reminds me of a landscape from Heavy Metal.

Good luck!

10-29-04, 05:09 PM
great models man! and cool design as well!