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01-14-05, 04:41 AM
Hi I was just curious, as to how 3d software's renderes (maya, max, mental ray, renderman, etc) communicate with the prossesor. What I mean is, is there any way to know what commands the renderer is giving to the processor? After all it all boils down to come code right? If there any information on this?
Also are these commands universal? or do they differ for every program?
Thanks in advace...

01-14-05, 05:30 AM
Hi keltuzar,

I'm not an expert but I think most renderers share similar algorithms but the code, at least in some basic structure. It doesn't matter if the program is a raytracer or a scanline, all of them share methods like oclussion culling.

In the RenderMan companion you can find a diagram on how a REYES renderer should work. As you know I'm interested on Gelato, and want to search if the program use both the GPU and the CPU and their memory.

01-14-05, 04:28 PM
Yea good 'ol gelato, I hope it works for the best... I have seen the reyes algorithm, but as a student, I need a little more information. Sure renderman, mental ray are definately giving instructions but if there was a way I could see what instructions, even though they are garbage to me.
My plan is to study and try to make my own networking-sort-renderfarm software that collects these instructions going to the processor in a file, break them up and check the computer or more and send the instruction accordingly. I know I am re-inventing the wheel here, but I just am curious as to how renders actaully work.