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01-31-05, 10:43 PM
Since I seem to have caused the creation of this forum I'll happily create the first post even if I have to do it with some old stuff. These are a couple of exercises in high poly modeling. One of the advantages of Zbrush is that you are able to create models composed of millions of polygons even on systems you would not call cutting edge. You can create displacement maps based on this models and used them in your animation package.

The big fella is my interpretation of a character from a MMORPG called planeshift.



06-16-05, 10:20 PM
Hey Rafael, long time without see you my dear friend. Strong greetings :)

06-17-05, 03:03 AM
how bout some details, the face or the hands! seeing the wires would be nice too

06-18-05, 04:54 PM
I like both models, very good. How about a little tutoriial ? ;)

12-16-06, 04:21 PM
there are to much polygons, it looks so stiff