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02-15-05, 05:28 AM
《Journey to the west》.The story is that Wukong(monkey king) proclaim himself as the king who equal to the supernal emperor.


02-17-05, 01:07 AM
It looks nice!

Is it for an animation?

02-17-05, 05:39 PM
I like so much this lovely character, the monkey king its a legend, somebody knows about the cell animation of the 70's or 60's?, at that time i did'nt born yet, but my father told me about that film, i only read about two adventures of the monkey king.

nice work!

08-10-05, 01:42 AM
Very nice detail, it makes the clothing more interesting I also like the different colors you used, good stuff.

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09-22-06, 04:15 AM
Sweet, looks like that would make a fantastic rpg or fighting game character. But the art is great eatherway. And With an already existing back story, should be fun to do for kicks if nothing else. ;)

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