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04-19-05, 10:12 AM
hey guys im a noob to maya ... im in grade 10 and doin pretty well teachen myself maya 6.0 ... but i cant fnd ne tutorials on clothes and i dont seem to be able to render particles ... ne help would be GOOOOOOOOOD

04-19-05, 02:46 PM
Nice.. keep working hard.

This is the right place for you: http://www.learning-maya.com/tutorials.php

Don't forget to post your work here for feedback.

04-19-05, 05:39 PM
Attention!You cannot render particles.You have to use the hardware renderer to see the particle.
If you want to creat a raytraced picture with particles together, you have to compose it with a compositingsoftware like digital fusion or After Effects....

I hope i helped you

04-20-05, 05:49 AM
thanks guys ... still having issues ... i rendered in hardware before as you said although ... iv put glow on the blinn (simulating laser fire at a lightsaber) and it doesnt show up ... i cant seem to get it ... also do u guys know any tutorials on the web etc that explain how to make clothes i cant find any ...


04-22-05, 08:52 AM
Here you can also find some cloth tutorials to get you starting!!