View Full Version : PRMan 11 ?

09-19-02, 08:44 AM
Anyone know when PRMan 11 will be available ?
Pixar is not very clear ... ( sept 2002, december 2002, "first quarter" 2003 ... )


I want to try Ray Trace ! :D

09-19-02, 04:56 PM
Counting on the experience, Pixar could ship this product 6 months after the date they said but for shure "last quarter" doesn't mean September. I'm not a customer so I don't have all the information they use to send exclusively to these people.

Last SIGGRAPH some guys form ILM presented a technique to "raytrace shadows" using oclusion maps for Episode II, I haven't tested it but maybe you can search for the course notes of "RenderMan in production" if you want to try something new.