View Full Version : Maya Blastcode Megaton 1.2 For Sale

05-15-05, 06:47 PM
Hi everyone, I posted last week that I won a cg contest over at 3Dexcellence.com . I announced that I would be selling some good Maya plug-ins. Well I'm selling my copy of Blastcode Megaton 1.2 . If you're into Dynamics and destruction, or just want to plain blow something up than this is the plug-in for you. It retails for $1,495, which is insanly expensive, so I thought that I would cut you a break. I'd be willing to part with it for $750, or best offer, if anyone is interested. Obviously, this will go to the highest bidder so email me quick at andy_blondin@yahoo.com, if your interested. In the weeks to come I will have Turtle 1.1, Hypermatter (PC only I believe), and Mel Studio Pro. I don't have these in my possession yet, but I'm looking to sell them for: Turtle 1.1 $600, Hypermatter $400, Mel Studio Pro $80. Thanks let me know.