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10-21-05, 10:44 PM
High everyone! Some of you already said that need to continue doing things concerning the DND Contest. When I was doing my image, the hole story came to me and now I have to do it somehow and can't stop all the ideas for images, animation clips, music, parts of the story, etc. When I go to sleep, is like someone is telling me things for this project. So I began my next demo reel and will be a trailer of Dragon Rider. Also I?ll be doing illustrations for the book, showing screenshots and try to be the most graphic I can to tell you my story. I?ll try to avoid large texts because I have the feeling that most of you don't like to read.
And also I like to invite you all, if like the story, or parts from it, to make also artwork for it. Could be an illustration of a scene, or certain elements that could look good in an image already done or in process. I'd like it to be the most eclectic it could be. There will be pencil sketches, CG images in PS and of course many things in 3D.
I've also began to compose a kind of a score for this possible future movie. It will be for full scale orchestra and gothic metal band.
Hope to go in this journey with you all, to have fun myself and make you to be fun also. Once a week a new episode of the story will be posted.
I'm doing it like this, because it is not possible for me in this country to have a producer, or a publisher interested in this kind of work. But if someone around the globe follows it and likes it, who knows, maybe he or she would like to make my dreams come true. I'm a dreamer, I don't need money to dream, so I like to share my dreams; this epiffany with you.

Good luck and
"Long live the fighters!"

10-21-05, 10:48 PM
For now, let me post some images to give you at least something graphic. On monday, first part of the introduction: Emperor Ahn'Akron III and his three daughters. Maybe some screenshots of the trailer.

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10-21-05, 11:00 PM
Because I dont want it to be "The Lord of the Rings" wannabe, I'll make it a dark or gothic fantasy story.
There will be evil incubosses and sucubosses, rising corpses, demonic creatures and every kind of dark angel known to me. If someone has any idea, please tell me.