View Full Version : need help at my alienspider project for animago award 2006

11-20-05, 05:57 PM
i put the name and the emailaddress at the end-title for everyone that help me. I make this movie for animago award 2006. I need a lowpoly model: of a guinea pig or of an rat... Lowpoly without triangels is good,cause of animating annd so on. after somebody help me i took youre model and bring it with mental ray to a higher "aproximation level".........to higher version....it has to be photoreal!....

i hope somebody help me.....If somebody build that model for me.
If you got a homepage with lot of webspace you can also build the whole model with rig.....so that i can download all.

that is my last post.....in alienspidertread

thanks alot.......