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12-19-05, 09:11 PM
Scene of Christmas Challenge in which a scene of allusive Christmas to the celebrations will be created navide?as; he does not concern the idea that whereupon becomes the design, the winner will be the one that manages to make the scene of more creative and allusive Christmas to the forum.

Time of the challenge: 15 days

the first challenge of the DeathFight! will be on the creation of a scene on Christmas, or a corner of one marries with a tree with lights and gifts, children singing, a house totally with Christmas adornments, etc etc.

All image must take something allusive to the forum (deathfall) that is, will have something to somewhere see with the page, containing the logo of the scene.

3d or 2d can use any tool, as long as the scene has depth and illumination in three dimensions.

The Challenge begins Today (Monday 19 of December, 2005), and the date delivery limit will be the 3 of January, 2006; the winners will be announced Saturday 7 of January of the 2006.

Remembering the General rules:

Anyone can participate in the challenge, without concerning him or her origin, sex, age or any other term that serve like pretext.

The challenge is not, to first instance, an official aid of Deathfall, is of responsibility of the organizers of the event, Deathfall supports and only gives hosting.

In order to participate the offerers they will have to put its final works in process (WIP) and images in the same thread that opens the challenge.

Each Challenge will take own rules depending on the exigencies of the same one and the organizers.

The participation could be in 3d or 2d, without concerning the tool that uses, the work must of being 100% original.

Depending the challenge the use of tools and the dimension will be restricted in which the participation will be developed.

The organizers will only be able to participate when they do not comprise of the jury.

Get ready to participate, help us with the publicity and good luck!

Merry Christmas.

DeathFight! Staff

*This translation was done with a translator online, must have errors, we sorry.