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03-12-02, 10:16 PM
hi i am trying to use entropy as renderer, but i get grey renders....
i follow the tuts!
but the prman shader i attach with the object don't seems to be rendered

03-13-02, 09:55 AM
i am going on...experimenting....as far as i understand i have to compile the entropy shader for prman so that then i can attach the shader to the geometry (advise me if i am wrong!!!).
i presume that if i set the render type to custom, entropy will recompile the same shader i have attacched to the geometry as *.sle file.
i tested that if i use this way i can see the shader over the object when i render (my render are no long grey).
but....i can't compile a simple entropy ceramic.sl file as .slo couse i get error!
so my prob is understanding the precise way to use that entropy shader.....
if someone can help me.....(i had the same prob with the bmrt tut) :o

03-15-02, 09:54 AM
a prob i get is that if i create a rib file that call the indirect shader.....it's not found, instead the fakesky is found couse i compiled it for rman!
now...what do i have to do? to open the indirect.sl shader, delete the line that prman can't compile and then recompile it....or what else????
some1 can help me?????

03-15-02, 10:00 AM
then another question.....those shadows i see in the montecarlo raytracing....are done using the
Attribute "light" "shadows" ["on"]
inside the rib file i call with the ribbox?

03-15-02, 02:09 PM
1. Question: Damned, trie again ...
1.Reply: You are wrong, setting the renderer to custom uses another (custom) renderer, but does not compile any slimm template to sle format. For this purpose is the first part of the Tut, where you write the compilor.bat.
When it does not work, trie this: In your Maya Project Dir is a Folder called rmanshader, there you have the sl and slo files of your shaders (creted in slimm). Compile the sl file, of the shader you wanna attach to your object, with entropys shader compilor and put the sle into the Projectpath/rmanshader folder. Now render through MtoR with Entropy.

When the ceramic.sl file from Entropy uses sl Statements likes trace reflections/refractions, which the rendermanshader does not understand, you might get an error message ...

2. Reply: PRman is not able to render indirect illumination, so it does not know what to do with the indirect statement, but it understands the fakesky. Entropy uses the fakesky shader to emit indirect lighting from, this is what the indirect shader is for.

3. Reply: This shadows you are talking about are raytraced shadows, which renderman does not support, but Entropy/BMRT do.

Hope this helped a little ...

03-26-02, 11:38 AM
ok PP, your tip has been really great....now i can render using bmrt under mtor.
i still have some question i am trying to solve!
first where do i have to go to set the path so that i can keep the shaders only in one place...but this is a minor prob!
instead, if i would use all those great bmrt raytracing shader...how do i have to compile them???
i ask this couse many bmrt shader do a call to some *.h file, and ask fot that rayserver (this when i try to compile the bmrt shader in prman, with the shader command)and are not compiled under prman!.
then....it seems to me that to get those beautiful effect of montecarlo rendering i have to use only bmrt shader, couse with the prman one...i can't get any great render!
so my next target is to get a render like the one in the site tutorial, with the raytracing working!!!
the area light work quiet good, using always only bmrt shader...(like for getting the montecarlo radiosity, do i have only to use bmrt shader, is it right?i presume).
talking about shadow, i saw that using the shadow.rib that wa used in the tut.....inside with the fakesky.rib i don't get any addictional shadow, the reason may be that global illumination is giving itself a shadow and so...there is no place for a raytraced shadow???
thanks to everyone that will answer me.
matteo :cool: