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11-07-06, 09:01 PM
Has anyone been able to import DWG files into MAYA 8? ive been searching around and seems that despite both autocad and maya are now from autodesk it ISNT posible to import DWG files into maya.

theres no more DWG plugin for maya 8 it seems its made by direct connect, but no matter which version of dwg (2004, 2000, R14) i keep getting the same error: "Error: Translation Failed on file..."

the only getaround ive found is importing into maya 7 , saving and opening it in maya 8.

if someone else has found a better solution would be nice to know.

THANKS AUTODESK i've really had great expectations for the new AUTODESK maya 8 release.

How come you've made the relation between Autocad and Maya worse?

11-08-06, 02:21 PM
Hi peengoh ,

As a matter of fact i don't use Maya 8 because i beleive that AutoDESK has made several bad changes in the menus ! I had same problem dealing with Maya 7 3ds format import ,
Breton advised that i could use Maya Bonus Tools which i beleive that was a successful script for importing most of AutoDESK Products Formats (3ds , DWG , DXF ,,etc.) !

Below is a link of what might help you to get Maya Bonus Tools even for Maya 8.


Good luck ,

Ciao ,,

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11-08-06, 06:24 PM
thanx MrDino, ive already tried that, no use. it doesnt work. its unbelieveable, Autodesk really messed it up! how can it be possible! and what is most annoying is in the So called "Area" there's several people that have the same problem, and no one has had the tact to give an answer.

anyway thanks mrDino for the replay.

11-08-06, 07:31 PM
Well, it seems Maya 8 Is lacking a Direct Connect Update, i found the update, but theres no information on why is it needed or what does it does. anyway in order to fix this problem just downolad and install this...



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