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12-15-06, 02:17 AM
Development of game industry in Iran & Middle East!

I predict a bright future for game industry in Iran. I think because of the professional young specialists such as CG artists, programmers etc.., and the current people attitude toward this kind of industries, there?ll be a suitable context for developing and also marketing. How do you evaluate this saying and in your opinion what are the effective factors of this context?

"Orient: A Hero's Heritage" is the first role playing game & the biggest game project has ever been produced in the middle east. It has an impressive story originated from Iranian rich culture and neighbour countries.

Finally our company released first version of Orient Game Trailer.
It's now available at:


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12-15-06, 09:43 AM
Hi coochaki ,

It's a nice Graphics RPG game as it seems in the trailer , too bad i couldn't hear the music to know which style of music used for the game , it seems to be nice !

They seem to have done pretty much cool job , but in what way is it related to Middle Eastern Culutre ? Is it based on Myths ?

Anyhow , thanks for sharing the trailer with us , it's nice to know that we have games industry in the middle east !

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