View Full Version : Dual Processor for Maya?

03-03-07, 05:26 PM
I need to buy a new computer and have been considering the Dell Precision 690. With my budget I could manage a single 3.0 GHz processor(dual core), 2 Gigs RAM and the nVidia 3450 video board with it's 256 Mb of VRAM. However, for about the same money or perhaps a bit more, I could go with two 1.6 GHz processors, the same RAM, and the nVidia 4500 board which has 512 VRAM. As I understand it the rule of thumb used to be that doubling the processors yielded a bit less than double the computing power, but I don't know whether this still holds true(I'm assuming it would) with dual core or how it works for Maya's performance.
Any advice?

03-03-07, 06:56 PM
hi i think you need to consider if you need to do large renderings or not, cause you can work perfect 3d with any program with core duo processors and a nice nvidia graphics card. dual dual core processors its an airplane, but maybe for that price you can have 3 smaller core duo machines and have much better rendering performance. my other advise its to check ebay, maybe you can get bigger machine with same budget.