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  • Bandai Visual utiliz? Houdini para integrar 3D en la obra maestra Steamboy
    Katsuhiro Otomo's anime masterpiece Steamboy was created to look and feel like a traditional 2D animation even though about a quarter of the film uses 3D computer graphics. While the animation, cels and backgrounds are all hand-drawn, the ink and paint, compositing and visual effects are digital. At Bandai Visual, Computer graphics director Hiroaki Ando used 3D to handle shots that would be too difficult or tedious to draw by hand. On screen, the shots that use 3D do not call attention to themselves and the audience can approach the film as a traditional hand-drawn film. While each frame in the film can be viewed as a picturesque 2D image, the use of Houdini helped provide animated backgrounds and effects that create an enhanced sense of depth and perspective.
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