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  • Fractal zooms and other side effects in Limitless Sunstar
    Fractal zooms and other side effects in Limitless
    fxguide talk to Look Effects and Comen VFX about creating the fractal zooms and out-of-body moments in Limitless.
    from the article:

    In the film, troubled writer Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) looks for inspiration from a secret drug called NZT. Inspire him it does, as the pill enhances Eddie’s brain activity, motivating him – and others – towards seemingly unstoppable success. Director Neil Burger sought to highlight the effects of NZT by creating hyper-real scenes of those under the drug’s influence, including as out-of-body experiences and as fractal-like movements in time and space. The effects are enhanced by long zooms through the city’s New York locations, seen initially in the opening titles as well as throughout the film, and in repeating patterns as the characters discover the limits of their new addiction.

    Look fabricates fractals

    Look Effects visual effects supervisor Dan Schrecker, having been consulted early on by Burger, returned after principal photography to help conceptualize the fractal zoom motif and create a number of the final drug-inducement shots. Eddie’s loss of time and space is represented on the screen in ‘infinite zooms’ that were shot at 4K using a three-camera RED rig with short, medium and long lenses. One major zoom, for example, follows Eddie as he runs across New York, parties at a nightclub and ends up on the Brooklyn Bridge.

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