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  • The Invisible Visual Effects of Hanna Sunstar
    The Invisible Visual Effects of Hanna
    Brendan Taylor, the visual effects supervisor of Mr. X, shares with us the experience working for the movie
    Hanna is the new movie from Director Joe Wright about a teenage girl being raised by her father, an ex-CIA agent, in the wilds of Finland. All of her life she has been trained to survive in a cruel world, that is why she knows how to use guns, bow-and-arrow and hand-to-hand combat. The film was shot across Europe, beginning in Finland then, Bavaria, Germany, Spain and Morocco.

    In order to make Hanna, a movie that cost around $30 Millions that looks like a $100 Million film, visual effect studio Mr. X was brought to the game. Mr. X's work spans across 200 VFX shots that range from snow enhancements to a tricky compositing techniques to full matte paintings and CG environments. Brendan Taylor was on-set from the beginning to supervise how shots were being achieved and worked closely with the Director (Joe Wright), Production Designer (Sarah Greenwood), DP (Alwin H. Kuchler) and stunt crews in order to seamlessly integrate what would be achieved through VFX solutions and what would be practical.

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