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      MTOR Camera Projection
      This tutorial will show you how to use the MayaProj node in Slim.
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      Here will use the MayaProj node to project a texture from a camera.


      First will need to create a set, something like this:

      create a camera (I named it cameraProj) and then a Coordinate System (RenderMan/New Coordinate System)

      then parent the coordinate system to the camera

      place your camera in a nice spot

      create a lambert and in the color channel create a File but with the As projection option activated

      now in the projection1 tab put cameraProjShape as the Link To Camera, Match Camera Film Gate as the Fit Type, and Horizontal as the Fit Fill

      your hypershade should look something like this:

      and your viewpoint should look like this:

      create a new Palette in Slim, create a constant and in color add an ImageFile, load the Sky picture and be sure to put the txmake options (smode clamp, tmode clamp, resize up and texturemap), then in the ST option connect a MayaProj node.

      copy the name of the coordinate system (the one in the SHAPES box, mtorCoordSysShape)

      in to the Perspective Coords field

      you might get this error message from slim

      I just ignore it (its seems that there is always this message even at the render time)

      attach your constant to yours elements in maya, and send a render

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