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    CGI Visual FX: Great Leaps Forward
    A look into the visual effects in movies from the start in 1973 to the present.
    from the SFX article:

    The Jurassic Park trilogy is released on Blu-ray for the first time later this month. It was a milestone in the development of digital FX, and still looks fantastic today. But while it forever changed the way films FX are produce, it wasn’t the first film to use CGI by far, and things have developed a long way since.

    This featured is an updated and expanded version of one that appeared in an SFX Collector’s Edition in 2007, with new material and trivia provided by Steve Jarratt, editor of 3D World Magazinee, so he knows what he’s talking about. Enjoy.


    Soylent Green
    The first commercial arcade video game, Computer Space, makes an appearance. The game, created by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney and published by Nutting Associates, appeared in 1971, a year before Atari’s Pong. So technically, this is the first instance of CGI in a movie, though it’s kinda cheating…

    The android Gunslinger’s point-of-view shots (left) were achieved using 2D raster (or bitmap) graphics, provided by artists at Evans & Sutherland, pioneers of computer graphics. Soylent Green came out in May ’73, some months ahead of Westworld, which was released in November ’73 but we still reckon that means Westworld stakes the claim for the first ever proper use of computer generated imagery in the movies.

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