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    Contact (1997)

    Release Date: July 9th, 1997
    Dr. Ellie Arroway, after years of searching, finds conclusive radio proof of intelligent aliens, who send plans for a mysterious machine.


    Robert Zemeckis


    Jodie Foster


    Matthew Mcconaughey


    Tom Skerritt


    Alan Hall

    Special Effects Supervisor

    Michael Fink

    Senior Visual Effects Supervisor

    Steve Burg

    Concept Artist



    CIS Hollywood Industrial Light & Magic Address: San Francisco, United States Credits:

    Catherine Tate

    Sabre Artist

    Gregor Lakner

    Computer Graphics Artist

    Pablo Helman

    Sabre Artist Supervisor

    Tim Alexander

    Digital Compositor
    Sony Pictures Imageworks Credits:

    Greg Liegey

    Visual Effects Composite Artist

    Jacquie Barnbrook

    Visual Effects Vendor Producer

    Jay Redd

    Sequence Supervisor

    Jerome Chen

    Computer Graphics Supervisor

    Ken Ralston

    Senior Visual Effects Supervisor

    Sheena Duggal

    High Speed Compositing Supervisor

    Stephen Rosenbaum

    Visual Effects Supervisor
    Weta Digital Address: Wellington, New Zealand Credits:

    Matt Aitken

    Computer Graphics Supervisor

    Peter Jackson

    Additional Visual Effects


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