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    Avatar (2009)

    Release Date: December 17th, 2009
    A paraplegic marine dispatched to the moon Pandora on a unique mission becomes torn between following his orders and protecting the world he feels is his home.


    James Cameron


    Michelle Rodriguez


    Sam Worthington


    Sigourney Weaver


    Zoe Saldana


    John Bruno

    Visual Effects Supervisor

    Ben Procter

    Concept Art Director

    Craig Shoji

    Concept Illustrator

    George Hull

    Conceptual Artist

    Jerad Marantz

    Character Designer

    Kasra Farahani

    Concept Artist

    Ravi Bansal

    Concept Artist

    Robert Stromberg

    Production Designer

    Scott Patton

    Key Character Designer

    Seth Engstrom

    Concept Art Director

    Steven Messing

    Digital Matte Artist

    Eddie Yang

    Key Artist

    Lindsay Macgowan

    Effects Coordinator

    Robert Legato

    Virtual Production Conceived By

    Trent Claus

    Flame Artist



    Blur Studio Address: Los Angeles, United States Credits:

    Jaime Jasso

    Lead Matte Painter
    BUF Compagnie Credits:

    Mathilde Tollec

    Visual Effects Supervisor
    Framestore Credits:

    Christian Kaestner

    Compositing Supervisor

    Jonathan Fawkner

    Visual Effects Supervisor

    Mark Wilson

    Cg Supervisor

    Mike Mulholland

    Cg Supervisor

    Rudi Holzapfel

    Compositing Supervisor
    Giant Studios Address: Manhattan Beach, United States Halon Entertainment Address: Santa Monica, United States Hybride Address: Piedmont, Canada Credits:

    Daniel Leduc

    Visual Effects Supervisor
    Hydraulx VFX Address: Santa Monica, United States IMAX Industrial Light & Magic Address: San Francisco, United States Credits:

    Grady Cofer

    Digital Artist

    Jeff Wozniak

    Digital Artist

    John Knoll

    Visual Effects Supervisor

    Paul Kavanagh

    Animation Supervisor
    Legacy Effects Address: San Fernando, United States Task: character designs and specialty props manufacturing Lola VFX Address: Santa Monica, United States Credits:

    Edson Williams

    Visual Effects Supervisor
    LOOK Effects Credits:

    Max Ivins

    Visual Effects Supervisor
    Pixel Liberation Front Address: Los Angeles, United States Prime Focus Credits:

    Anselm Seherr-thoss

    Cg Artist

    Chris Harvey

    Stereoscopic Consultant

    Michael Fink

    Senior Visual Effects Supervisor

    Neil Huxley

    Art Director
    Spy Post Stan Winston Studio Address: Los Angeles, United States Credits:

    Stan Winston

    Special Effects
    Stereo D Address: Los Angeles, United States The Third Floor The Third Floor Weta Digital Address: Wellington, New Zealand Credits:

    Alvise Avati

    Senior Animator

    Eric Saindon

    Visual Effects Supervisor

    Garry Runke

    Effects Technical Director

    Guy Williams

    Visual Effects Supervisor

    Hassan El Youbi

    Lighting Technical Director

    Joe Letteri

    Senior Visual Effects Supervisor

    Martin Hill

    Shaders Supervisor

    Matt Aitken

    Pre-production Cg Supervisor

    Pablo Angeles Zuman


    Rainer Zottl

    Lead Modeller

    Robin Hollander

    Lead Compositor

    Stephen Rosenbaum

    Visual Effects Supervisor


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