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    Visual Effects Supervisor

    A veteran VFX talent, Olivier Dumont first joined Method in 2008. He has worked with esteemed directors such as Michel Gondry, the Wachowski Brothers, Christopher Nolan, Frederic Planchon and Sam Bayer. Over the course of his career, Dumont has worked as co-VFX Supervisor on features such as Speed Racer and The Prestige and as VFX Supervisor on Underworld, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, and The Tree of Life (which won the Cannes Film Festival's prestigious Palme d'Or award in 2011). In addition he has acted as a CGI Supervisor and Artist on Alexander, Matrix Re-loaded and on Human Nature.

    Dumont began his career studying multimedia and photography and taught himself how to build a 3D environment while working on two short CG films. He graduated from Aix-en -provence University in Aubagne, France and majored in Cinema/Animated images. He landed a position at Buf in 1997, where he was promoted to VFX Supervisor after only six months. During his tenure at Buf, Dumont honed his skills working on commercials and music videos, which quickly led to his involvement in features. Dumont has a passion for computer graphics that stems from his love of drawing, and he draws creative inspiration from sci-fi, comic books, art books, movies, Japanese anime, design and architecture.


    Method Studios 2012

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    Visual Effects Supervisor

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