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    1. Z Depth Channel Maya...How? Doesnt Work

      i cannot manage to output an image that has a z channel(depth). I have checked the depth option box on the camera and in the render globals. What do i do?

      [Edited on 18/7/05 by james_gardner2]
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    3. this is using depth of field.

      this is using depth of field.
    4. this is it rendered with hdri

      this is it rendered with hdri
    5. Muscle Man Model-What should i improve?

      Hey ive just modelled this torso. Its my first go at modelling one. What do u think? Whats weak about it? Any feedback is great?

      [Edited on 17/7/05 by james_gardner2]

      [Edited on 17/7/05 by...
    6. SubSurface Scattering SKIN:how do i do it?

      ive just had a go at modelling a torso, my first attempt. What do u think? Ive just applied a blinn shader. V boring. Whats the best way to get skin?

      [Edited on 17/7/05 by james_gardner2]
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