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    1. hombrezoo's Avatar



      Adobe Photoshop

      hombrezoo is on a distinguished road

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      Mar 2002



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      February 26, 2004

      # 1
      here's another sketch done during my freetime at work, I'm planning to post at least one per week.
      let me know what you think.

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Name:	astronaut.jpg
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    2. Sunstar's Avatar


      Mexico City


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      Dec 2001





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      February 27, 2004

      # 2
      Nice hombrezoo, I like your style.

    3. February 27, 2004

      # 3
      thanks Sunstar, I need to discipline myself and go back to the old bad habit of drawing like hell, I need to improve a lot, have big plans for this year. My #$!#$@ mercenary work doesn't allows me to draw and desing stuff like I used to but I'm bout to fix that, jeje


    4. negativecitizen's Avatar


      mexico city


      negativecitizen is on a distinguished road

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      May 2002



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      March 1, 2004

      # 4
      este personaje en p?rticular no me parece muy afortunado ,lo que me gustaria decir es que en general demuestras que tienes bastante talento.
      Me gustaria que te hicieras a la idea de que el arte se debe preocupar continuamente por obtener soluciones novedosas y angulos de tiro lejanos o no revelados , asi es que la proxima ves que tomes el lapiz busca sorprenderte a ti mismo quebrando la regla de tu propia capacidad ,para ir evadiendo la copia de ti mismo.

      Como solia decir Luis Bu?uel hay que quebrantar mentalmente hasta la ultima de tus reglas morales para sacar ala libertad creativa.bueno no precisasmente con esas palabras pero esta ves se quedaran conm mi parafrasis.

    5. March 1, 2004

      # 5
      muchas gracias!! es un gran consejo!

    6. WOTAN's Avatar



      Autodesk Maya

      WOTAN is on a distinguished road

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      Jun 2002



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      March 1, 2004

      # 6
      Man, you kick ass!!!

      Great Work, I love the 2D too, Im gonna post some of my works, but most of all, are in the old fashon way, (pen, pencil, watercolor, carbon, pastels, etc). But I will scan it.

      You have a Great Talent. I had some time that I didnt spend time drawing, I had my focus in the 3D right know (much to learn). But the 2D had their magic.

      The expression in your hand-draw is great.

      In Lagos de Moreno Live a great traditional and well-know traditional sculptor. (With a lot of prizes in EEUU, Japan, Lots in Spain and France). And when I asked about, What was his best and His worst work in their own opinion, said me something that I will never forget (Wonderyears music).

      He said me that His best job was the job that he was doing in that moment (sculptures to Tequila Casa Cuervo) and the worst was the last who finished. And always its is the same, his best job is: his moment job. The worst, the finished job. I think that Very people here has the same feeling.

      Its not a surprice the feeling that you can do it better.

      Keep trying your best.

      (sorry, school english).

    7. March 1, 2004

      # 7
      gracias Wotan!

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