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      A suite of Nuke ops adding the ability to analyse the source image and draw histograms, vectorscopes, parades & waveforms, extending the dSLR raw reader to add support for Nikon, Panasonic & DNG raw files, performing ASC CDL compliant colour corrections via an intuitive onscreen interface, and building high dynamic range radiance maps from series of low dynamic range photographs.

      J_Ops consists of:

      J_3Way - a ASC CDL compliant GPU accelerated 3 way colour correction tool with intuitive in viewer controls system

      J_MergeHDR - a plug-in to assemble high dynamic range radiance maps from a series of low dynamic range photographs. Includes functions to estimate camera response curves, and to align the multiple exposures

      J_rawReader - an rewrite of the Nuke crwReader, adding support for Nikon and Panasonic raw files plus Adobe DNG's. It also allows access to the underlying debayer, colour correction and de-artifacting controls, along with speed ups agains the Nuke version, no external dependancy on DCRaw and progress feedback.

      J_Scopes - a plug-in to analyse your image to draw a variety of histograms, vectorscopes, waveforms and parades.


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