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      May 17, 2004

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      It seems my problems are getting more complex.When i use skin weight tools for deformation, sometimes my skeleton detaches from the skn.When i try to go again to bind skin,it say skin is already bound to the skeleton.

      Sometimes , when using Ik handles , ik handles translates well but when i try to rotate them up, the skin does not rortate accordingly.

      This is all happening since i started using paint skin weight tools
      Ne one provide any help for me


    2. eddgarpv's Avatar



      Autodesk Maya

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      May 17, 2004

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      Hi Bulzae .. I had a problem like this a few months ago. Then I realized that was because sometimes, when using paint skin weight tool, you assign a 0 (zero) or black value to a joint. Then, the child of that joint will take more vertex from your mesh. this happens specially when you use the flood option to remove undesirable vertex that skinning assigns when you choose "Closest joint" as bind method in the skinning options box. My advice if this would be the problem, is to use the component editor to check (or double check) the vertex in your mesh and the weight of the joint in that part.

      Luck with your deformation

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