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    1. ngrava's Avatar

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      May 2004



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      May 19, 2004

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      Hey guys,

      Has anyone used any of these renders? Does anyone have any oppinion on how they stack up to each other?



    2. titus's Avatar


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      Jan 2002



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      May 20, 2004

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      Aqsis is a slow renderer but it's becoming stable, I think 3Delight is a few steps beyond in efficiency and number of features, the bad news is that maybe next year will not be free. People need to support Aqsis as an option in the near furure.

      Now I'm doing some tests with those renderers, at this moment I find LightWave's native renderer faster and woth better quality, I need oneof the two to be faster soon to change my renderinng pipeline.

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