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      May 31, 2004

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      Hi, I would like to submit this news about our projects under development :

      [SHADarts for 3ds max]
      Natural:shaders one.zero today enters in the first beta testing phase. We also announce that the first release will include also a NatSea shader based on the old NatSea O/S shader. We are working also on Artistic:shaders for 3ds max, a collection of shaders and plug-ins for ink&paint, toon & NPR rendering.
      After Siggraph 2004 we'll work on a mentalray porting of Natural:shaders to support Maya, Softimage|XSI etc.etc. On our forum and on the NatShaders gallery you can find some new images created with the internal beta.

      [codenamedroject|CITYSCAPE for Maya]
      An another big announce is the development of a plug-in for Maya codenamed "project|CITYSCAPE", "a procedural cities modeller" with many powerful features that will have a sneak peak technology preview at Siggraph 2004.

      After Siggraph 2004 we'll restart working on Natural:sea Ocean/System with more enhancements and powerful and very innovative features.

      rebelThink crew

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