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      July 27, 2011

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      Huge improvements to Hybrido workflow and performance for RealFlow 2012!
      • Dripping water, automatic foam generation, faster simulations and lower memory use
      • New emitters: Wet, Waterline, Splash&Foam, Wet&Foam
      • Faster input/output operations
      • Distance and velocity fields and velocity and vorticity maps can now be exported
      • Greater controllability of fluid surface – new method of combining particles and fluid fields.
      • Better control of the strength of interaction between objects and fluids
      • Secondary splashes

      RealFlow 2012 now provides a built-in, easy-to-use tool to create fractured objects directly within your project.
      • Voronoi fracturing method
      • Automatic generation of multibody node for fractured object
      • Optimized fractures for Caronte

      The Retimer Tool in RealFlow 2012 works on any of the RealFlow 2012 elements and opens up a world of possibilities:
      • Bullet time effects
      • Reversed simulations
      • Slow motion effects
      All these are now just a few clicks away with no need to re-simulate!

      • Dynamic simulations controlled by engines
      • By using Servos, it is possible to use RealFlow's dynamics solver to animate rigid bodies in a physically-correct fashion

      • New Layers panel – faster workflow, easier simulation, improved visibility
      • RealFlow 2012 also comes with some new shortcuts shelves
      • Nodes list can now be filtered by name



      There's also a new scheme on pricing with a Learning Edition version (http://www.realflow.com/2012/t_pricing.php) but honestly, what can you do with 10,000 particles? That's a big let down. Anyway, good to see there's something fresh

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