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      February 20, 2012

      # 1
      It's been 3 months since last release, the latest 1.2 version of Miarmy is avaliable.
      In this version, not only we provide some new features but also we changed many parts of system infrasturcture. In the future, we can push the new features development much faster and easiler. Hope you enjoy our product!

      Click the following link to check the New Release and Youtube HD Demo:

      New stuffs (Available Now)

      *** Full Document (240 Pages)
      *** Linux Support with All PhysX feature: Red Hat 5.5
      *** New PhysX 3.1 Engine
      *** Agent Cache: for change your scene to real-time
      *** Mesh Drive, support interactive playback, arbitrary renderer
      *** Improved 3delight Render Plugin: deformation motion blur + data fetch
      *** And more, click to check

      Thank you & best regards!
      Basefount Team

      This is a great tool for creating crowds. It is really fast, integrated into maya and the express version is the same as the pro version with the only limitation of 100 agents.


      missingframevfx.com | imdb

    2. April 26, 2012

      # 2
      I wasn't sure where to post this, a small video made with Miarmy 1.2 testing the rib archive feature, custom agent placement using python and lots of support from the developers:

      Now Basefount added support for mental ray and vray. Also, new website at http://www.basefount.com/


      missingframevfx.com | imdb

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