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      March 29, 2012

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      Dear micropolygon shufflers.
      some awesome news from Jupiter:

      * AtomKraft/Nuke 1.1 has been released today.
      Despite the small increment in the numbering this is a major release, with new features, huge performance improvement and lots of fixes. Please check the full version release notes for more details.

      * The highly anticipated Free-as-in-BeerTM AtomKraft/Nuke 1.1 free version has been released too!
      This special free version has an embedded licensing, just download, plug & play.

      * We have now a new product oriented website with full info & access to many (support) resources:


      One more thing: it's been emotional.
      Let us know what you think & keep pushing pixels down the pipeline!

      Best Regards,

      Paolo & the AtomKraft Team!

      AtomKraft/Nuke is the awesome asset-friendly, look-development, lighting & rendering toolkit tightly integrated in the high-end VFX compositor The Foundry's Nuke. Designed to minimize the need of going back to 3D in this stage of the production pipeline, AtomKraft allows loading "assets" (Alembic, BGEO, Cortex, RIB, RSL, OBJ) straight from your 3D applications. Explore tons of creative possibilities to develop your looks, light your assets and render boosting your image quality to new levels, all while staying comfortably within Nuke.

      After Effects beta in the works.


      missingframevfx.com | imdb

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