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      April 2, 2012

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      The last Years where very Special for me and alot of Blender Users around the world. Blender is developing a new Renderengine wich is working with Nvidias Cuda System. The benefits are amazing. Sometimes you render 100 Times faster than with vray but you got a higher quality as vray. I personally hope Blender will raise the Bar this year and will break through the VFX Industry. Blender got alot of new connections to any Pipeline you want. But the best thing is.. if you are a Houdini user its Groundbreaking. Simulation and VFX in Houdini, Rendering in Blender. i will show you some pictures someone has made. and some of my personal works... The Day has come where Vray got a enemy and thats Amazing! Check out that Amazing developements of the Renderengine Cycles.




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      April 4, 2012

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      Yeah, I've been watching its roadmap for the last few months and it's impressive. I hope I can catch up when the VFX area gets overhauled. The work done for some small studios that later contribute is also amazing (the 3delight port is of course very attractive).


      missingframevfx.com | imdb

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