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      April 27, 2012

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      Hello guys, sorry for open a new post about this kind of issues, but I guess that which each version of maya and backburner even if the issues are similar there has to be a completely different workaround.
      Well here's the issue, I currently have 16 machines all of them with maya floatingl icense adminstrated by server, all of them have maya, backburner, etc., maya is running smoothly, backburner as well, I've managed to run and connect each machine with the the backburner manager trough backburner server, but once I send a job trough the manager it sends the job as I can see the in the monitor but all the servers or clients turn red gives me the "exit code 211".
      I've googled, bimmed, etc about this but no one seems to have succesfully solved this issue, any ideas?
      Has anyone managed to succesfully run and use backburner with maya in version 2012, does this thing even works on maya?, maybe I can use a different render manager?
      Any help will be much appreciatted.

      I'll try to post some pictures later about the error.


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