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    1. ritz's Avatar

      ritz is on a distinguished road

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      Sep 2004



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      September 9, 2004

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      Here is the web compressed verison of my reel with no sound. Enjoy C&C welcome. (I am done with project though.) And I am working on another environment at the moment. Its the anti-christ to the Chicks with guns reels. =)



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Name:	3D46MARITZA-FULL.jpg
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    2. eddgarpv's Avatar



      Autodesk Maya

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      September 9, 2004

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      erm.. i've tried but something fails.. could you share a direct link ?

    3. titus's Avatar


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      Jan 2002



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      September 9, 2004

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      Nice work, is this for a short? ot your thesis project?. How long did it took?

    4. negativecitizen's Avatar


      mexico city


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      May 2002



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      September 9, 2004

      # 4

      Interesting work ,always flesh enjoy a subjetive sight on CG against the common places ,muscular(GI excesive),FX abused,full of comercial themes.

    5. September 9, 2004

      # 5

      The reel took about 6 months to complete. I would enjoy developing it more, though I believe I need to take a break from the project for awhile and come back with fresh eyes. I really enjoy the research into the old hospitols and all my characters. It was also great to work with Ernesto Bottger on the cinematic animation. Very talented guy. When it came time to develop an idea for my reel, I wanted something that I could stay interested in and not end up disliking the concept three months down the road. I am happy that I completed what I set out to do in creating 3 characters and set in 6 months.
      The project is not for a thesis, but there was a story behind the characters. Even though it was advised that I should not have. It is all a matter of opinion.

      Thanks for the comments.


      ~~~Opinions are like kittens, people are always giving them away~~~

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