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    1. eddgarpv's Avatar



      Autodesk Maya

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      Oct 2002



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      October 23, 2004

      # 1
      The scene is basically an object with the l_glass shader attached, an spherical environment with HDR (mr tab of the maya shader), a cube blocking part of the environment, a cube with a surface shader to create a light card, a spot light emitting photons but no light and the camera.

      The scene size can be smaller than the one i have, I just forgot to adjust ...

      the lightcard shader is a single surface shader with outColor (value=10) but depens on distance to your object to light and the intensity itself... if you leave the default value (v=1) the light can be quite poor and a bigger value is suggested. The big cube containing the glass object is a single lambert (with the same environment connected to give it some color). The shading network for the glass object is something like this..

      the l_glass shader is connected to the material shader slot as well as to the photon shader (contained in the lambert2SG .. was supposed to be a blinn, but i changed the type .. it doesn't really matter since we're going to disable maya shaders). mib_lookup_spherical is used to avoid a big sphere with hdr mapped (we can optimize render times) and finally, you may need to download a HDRI to use it in mentalray_Texture1 node (any from debevec.org).

      Two scenes http://www.deathfall.com/download/misc/objetoGlass.ma
      this one renders in 2 minutes aprox. but with low quality and without caustics/gi

      this one http://www.deathfall.com/download/mi...etoGlassHiQ.ma
      about 22 minutes...

      I haven't done tests with different interfaces, but i think this weekend i can do that.. i'm preparing some test with the new misss =/

      anyways.. a lot of work..

      hopefully somebody here have been testing both...


    2. Tattrpuff's Avatar

      United States

      Tattrpuff is on a distinguished road

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      Mar 2004



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      October 23, 2004

      # 2
      Thank you sooo much really appreciate, it and its an awesome shader! Just didn't realize you had to have photons on either through FR or actual photons. Thanks

    3. October 23, 2004

      # 3
      well.. you can use direct illumination only and will be like a single dielectric... the fun starts when you connect it to both material shader and photon shader and enable caustics.. and of course, the scene will look smoother and better with fg enabled.

      Don't forget to post images as soon as you start playing with it

    4. October 27, 2004

      # 4
      Can't seem to figure something out, the shader seems to have back faces that are black but I can see though when look from the top inside the glass how do I fix this

        Attached Images:


    5. October 28, 2004

      # 5
      give your glass something to reflect/refract... use an environment.

    6. October 29, 2004

      # 6
      I figured it out it was actually that the refraction count was too low in the trace settings. I know I don't have it down perfect yet but here is my progress. Thanks!!

        Attached Images:


    7. Keenkey's Avatar


      Keenkey is on a distinguished road

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      Mar 2005



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      March 15, 2005

      # 7

      i can't open the maya file: is it maybe 6.5 version? I need 6.0 please

    8. March 15, 2005

      # 8
      open the file with your favorite text app:

      //Maya ASCII 6.0 scene
      //Name: objetoGlassHiQ.ma
      //Last modified: Fri, Oct 22, 2004 12:09:26 PM
      requires maya "6.0";
      requires "Mayatomr" " - 3.3.1 ";
      currentUnit -l centimeter -a degree -t ntsc;
      fileInfo "application" "maya";
      fileInfo "product" "Maya Unlimited 6.0";
      fileInfo "version" "6.0.1";

    9. March 17, 2005

      # 9
      Thanks eddgarpv.
      I will get Update of 6.5, i hope to open the File.

    10. March 17, 2005

      # 10
      mmhh.. that scne was made using maya 6.0.1 you weren't supposed to have any problem with it. =/
      anyways, if you have any problem with maya 6.5, tell me.

    11. March 18, 2005

      # 11
      OK, i could open only the objetoGlass.ma file with 6.5 maya. But mentalRay gives many errors.

    12. March 21, 2005

      # 12
      Thanks eddgarpv, it works.

    13. April 16, 2005

      # 13
      Here is one quick render now that I've got my puter back. I want to update to 6.5 will it work also with the update.

        Attached Images:


    14. April 16, 2005

      # 14
      welcome back!

      Yeah, it will work with the new version, but you may want to update to:


      Major features added (since v1.2):

      * completed the diffuse/glass mixing (partial transparency etc.)
      * glossy scattering
      * dispersion-like effect
      * photon-shader more flexible

      edit: nice render btw

      [Edited on 16/4/2005 by eddgarpv]

    15. April 16, 2005

      # 15
      It does work with 6.5 and I'm going to update with the beta version of you awesome shader.
      Here is a render with some caustics

    16. April 17, 2005

      # 16
      A bigger image would kick*ss

      er.. this is not my shader. Lobber has been working on it I'm just the reverend.

    17. Abad's Avatar


      Abad is on a distinguished road

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      May 2005



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      May 15, 2005

      # 17

      I am doing my logo with glass materials, and somebody gave me this link,

      I don't know use mental ray shaders and when i downloaded the shader a few weeks ago, i tried to assign it directly to my object, but the refraction index didn't work well, it was not physically correct, but this post gave me a new way to work it.

      I did a proof with your scene, with a hdri image from debevec, but with dielectric mentalray shader, and dielectric photon shader. Maya 6.0

      here you are.


        Attached Thumbnails:

        Click image for larger version

Name:	cubo.jpg
Views:	46
Size:	34.4 KB
ID:	11285  

    18. 2keen's Avatar


      2keen is on a distinguished road

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      Apr 2005



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      May 19, 2005

      # 18
      Great explanations for l_glass:


      [Edited on 19/5/2005 by eddgarpv]

    19. June 1, 2005

      # 19
      l_glass Test

        Attached Thumbnails:

        Click image for larger version

Name:	l_glass.jpg
Views:	52
Size:	43.4 KB
ID:	11309  

    20. Sunstar's Avatar


      Mexico City


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      Dec 2001





      Blog Entries

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      June 1, 2005

      # 20
      wow!, very nice

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