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      Hey... well, you have to make some changes to use it with maya 6:

      this are the steps from alienbit:

      1.- "Create a mental-ray phenomenon in Maya..." This is the same.. nothing changes.

      2.- " Export and edit the phenomenon..." You have to include the line '$include "base.mi" '
      Don't have to edit the file , but check if the order is correct : tex, diffuse, lights. If not, reorder.

      3. "Register the phenomenon..." Same here.. depending on your rayrc file , 'mi "phenomenaBump.mi"'

      4.- "Create a new scene that integrates our custom shader (the phenomenon)...." It must be loaded in the
      misc section of your mental ray for maya shaders.

      Shader network: I've done tests using a lambert and connecting the phenomena to the miMaterialShader
      but avoiding any light connection. LightLinking is your friend
      Also, instead of any light, i've attached an environment to the environment slot and used an HDRI with final gathering enabled.

      Scene used and the phenomena can be downloaded from here: http://deathfall.com/download/misc/bump.rar


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