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    1. jr_braz's Avatar


      jr_braz is on a distinguished road

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      Dec 2004



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      December 7, 2004

      # 1
      Hi all,

      This is my new work:

      \" Throughout the ages, the true nature of war remains unchanged; brutality, fear, hate and death are the hideous hallmarks of conflict regardless of the age or technology involved. Prepresenting the dark side of humananity, wars have been triggered by the insane, the full of hate, tyrants lusting for power and even hypocrites deluding themselves with seemingly noble goals. \" - Evermotion site

      \" Atrav?s das eras, a verdadeira Natureza da Guerra continua intocada. Brutalidade, medo, ?dio e morte s?o as marcas dos conflitos. Este ? o lado escuro da humanidade. As guerras s?o as glorias para os insanos, os cheio de ?dio e os tiranos obsecados pelo poder, iludindo e justificando seus atos como gestos nobres. \"

      All comment are welcome

      [Edited on 7/12/04 by jr_braz]

      [Edited on 9/12/04 by jr_braz]

    2. hombrezoo's Avatar



      Adobe Photoshop

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      Mar 2002



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      December 7, 2004

      # 2
      A very strong premise, but think perhaps the image lacks of the things you are triying to depict, I mean the building in the background is very well done, but I personally think ther should be more debris in the ground and you need to contrast the helmet a little more cause I tried to much to find it, at first sight I tough the girl was sitting on the swinger behind her, but I suggest you a more dramatic composition with the girl in first plane so you can empazhise on her expression and gesture, perhaps huggin the teddy bear wich could be covering half of her face, so that way you can see only her eyes and let them tell you all the story instead of using the carnage at her surroundings to do it. Ah and perhaps if you improve the illumination and the colors palette you could get a more dramatic effect like the window that lets you see the sky trough the colapsed roof if you add the silhouettes of wood pieces and such, and remember that more dramatic effects can be achieved if you contrast more the colors instead of just desaturate them.
      Don't misunderstand me I do this critic cause I like your picture and think that the holocaust subject is a very difficult one (if not the thoughest) to depict without fall into common places, think your picture is very strong and if you just push your composition and design you could get a very strong result.
      But forget it man, what the hell!!! it's a good work.
      Damit think I should eat more sugar, need a very sweet soda.

    3. breton's Avatar

      Dominican Republic

      Santiago, Dominican Republic

      Autodesk Maya

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      Jan 2004



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      December 8, 2004

      # 3
      Wonderful Work, the only thing that I do not like is the girl, is

    4. December 9, 2004

      # 4
      Thanks for the comments.

      Thanks for the tips and the comment hombrezoo. This open my mind to another view.

      I change some details in the image, like the DOF and the girl's pose, trying to improve. I hope you like

    5. December 9, 2004

      # 5
      Sorry for this lot of version, the image wasn't a WIP, but with the comment of the people I trying to improve this work.

      Here is a new (and I think the last) version.

    6. Sunstar's Avatar


      Mexico City


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      Dec 2001





      Blog Entries

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      December 10, 2004

      # 6
      Hi jr_braz, Your image looks nice, but there is something that its bother me, Im not sure what it is, I think the composition of the image its not the right one, you should play with the camera and the elements to get something better, I think the way it is right now everything looks flat, without volumen, maybe if you put in first plane the halmet, but closer to the camera, and I think that the swing should be in another place, not in the same place where she is, well... thats what I think.

    7. December 11, 2004

      # 7
      Hi all,

      Thanks for the comments Sunstar

      I made a new version ...

      Now the time is passing, the snow still falling, the ground and the builds begins to be covered by the snow ...

    8. Zamolxes's Avatar


      Zamolxes is on a distinguished road

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      Dec 2004



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      December 13, 2004

      # 8
      The last image is much clearer and more expressive, but if you wanted to depict the war as image number 1 (which I find very ugly, but I guess... that's war, isn't it, is mighty ugly!), I wonder why did you change your mind so abruptly... (and made a nicer picture, more Hollywoodian... in nature)
      Which takes me to the guys who were your critics on this page - maybe they're right, but that's only their opinion, their own way of being right. And your way is your way, that of course if you choose so - because you can go their way too. Or any way. But imagine where would Picasso be today (well, in the grave, sure) if he would have listened to all those rational voices of people telling him about rational, logic, normal, composition, whatever, whatever, whatever?
      OK, to end with a glorious conclusion ? IF you have an idea, go for it. Don?t let others manipulate it, unless you?re OK with that, and you should be aware of that! Build, build, build, and use other people?s critique creatively ? it doesn?t matter if their critique is constructive or not ? you have to make it constructive, by being AWARE. But only IF (!) you have an idea. Otherwise, it?s OK? you know, works any way? and it doesn?t matter.

    9. December 13, 2004

      # 9
      Wow, it's a great change!, but perhaps Zamolxes is right, I didn't mean to be so hard on my critic, the truth is that at least I'm very influenced by hollywood movies can't deny it. That's why I think more about the composition that way.
      But what I really want to suggest is that well there's a lot of work already put in your set and models so why not try differente aproaches, I mean it's just moving the objects and camera in your set.
      I'm working currently on a project and modeled a lot of stuff that won't be seen but having all the set built helped me to came out with new ideas of how put the camera to tell the story.

      Ah, forgot to say that I think war is one of the most difficult subjects to depict for me cause haven't been in a war or near one and I'm thank for that, but think is more easyer to tell something about oneself experiences.
      By the way check these images from George Pratt
      "Enemy Ace: War Idyll" they may help you as inspirations.


      Here's an example of what did I suggested the first time.

      [Edited on 13/12/2004 by hombrezoo]

      [Edited on 13/12/2004 by hombrezoo]

      [Edited on 13/12/2004 by Sunstar]

        Attached Thumbnails:

        Click image for larger version

Name:	cenario_1.jpg
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Size:	22.7 KB
ID:	11048  

    10. December 17, 2004

      # 10
      Actually, that's a very interesting image hombrezoo. As is. i don't know why - maybe I like the contrast. I like sometimes the look of different techniques layered in one work. yeah, it can give an impressive contrast. this one here looks interesting to me because you've drawn on the walls as well, not only the girl, so it has depth - it looks like the technique it's been implemented organically into the image. I guess it sounds crazy, because there is no 'implementation', and just a schetch on top of an image... but it looks cool

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