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    1. elkey's Avatar


      elkey is on a distinguished road

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      Feb 2005



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      February 3, 2005

      # 1
      Hi, this is my first picture here.
      I\'m new to the 2d world 2... I used to work with Maya some months ago, but after a long pause I decided to sketch something. I bought a Wacom one week ago and I tested it (as well as my abilities) with this piece.
      As for many of my works the source of inspiration is tolkien\'s LOTR. In this case the passage is just at the beginning and it always attracted for the contrast between the nature and the dark presence of the Nagul.
      I tried to evoke it in this picture... i hope you like it.
      Critics are welcome... and I suggest you to watch the hires version.

      CLICK HERE FOR THE HIRES http://luka26.altervista.org/disegni/darkrider.jpg

      [Edited on 3/2/05 by elkey]

      [Edited on 4/2/05 by elkey]

    2. Onix's Avatar


      san carlos

      Autodesk 3ds Max

      Onix is on a distinguished road

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      May 2003



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      February 3, 2005

      # 2
      you really captured the moment!

      I love it!

      great work!

    3. TheRingBearer's Avatar


      Mexico DF

      TheRingBearer is on a distinguished road

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      Feb 2004



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      February 6, 2005

      # 3
      Excelent work !

      The ilustration is great, hope we could see more of your work. Did you use photoshop to do it?

    4. February 7, 2005

      # 4
      thank you!!
      No, I didn't use photographs since the original purpose was to be photorealistic. But being the first work I do with a wacom I stopped to an illustrtative look, that maybe fits even better the subject.
      Actually I'm doing another painting that includes a matte, you can view a wip here:

      Farewell to Fangorn

      I know the grass and theleft side look orrible, but I still have to paint them.... that's just a sketch.
      And I think to repaint the characters, too. They were the first thing i did and compared to the rest have a different style.... I will add details on them.

    5. breton's Avatar

      Dominican Republic

      Santiago, Dominican Republic

      Autodesk Maya

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      Jan 2004



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      February 7, 2005

      # 5
      had you read the book?

      your picture it's like exactly describe in the book.


      i like it a lot!

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