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    1. February 10, 2005

      # 3
      Im Umair Ali,
      How are you?

      I bought Pc, personal computer Intel Pentium 4 HT 3.2 MHz and Intel? Desktop Board D925XECV2. Not workstation or server based system. And I am using Alias Maya 6.0 unlimited. And I need an Nvidia Graphic card for 3d production.Which Nvidia Graphic card or another brand card I should use for better level working.
      And I like games to :P
      All graphic cards are Nvidia quadro on alias official web site in Hardware certified. Can I use Nvidia quadro? in Pc, personal computer if I can?t so what im doing bye a new pc or change my pc hardware.

      Please reply me.

      Thanks for read my post.
      Bye bye bye

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