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      February 10, 2005

      # 1
      Im Umair Ali,
      How are you?

      I bought Pc, personal computer Intel Pentium 4 HT 3.2 MHz and Intel? Desktop Board D925XECV2. Not workstation or server based system. And I am using Alias Maya 6.0 unlimited. And I need an Nvidia Graphic card for 3d production.Which Nvidia Graphic card or another brand card I should use for better level working.
      And I like games to :P
      All graphic cards are Nvidia quadro on alias official web site in Hardware certified. Can I use Nvidia quadro? in Pc, personal computer if I can?t so what im doing bye a new pc or change my pc hardware.

      Please reply me.

      Thanks for read my post.
      Bye bye bye

    2. negativecitizen's Avatar


      mexico city


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      February 10, 2005

      # 2
      hi ali_pk

      put your hand on a ge force 6600 and upper(maybe a 6800)
      geforce 5900 xt is maybe the cheapest option for a good balance for games(Dx) and 3d c creators(Gl ,DX) .
      If you want performance exclusively in Maya maybe you need a quadro fx1000(nvidia),or firegl(ati ) or wildcat Realizm (3dlabs.com) because it takes advantage of harware draw lines and overlay instructions.
      My suggestion is: go for a game card (geforce) and softmod to a professional Quadro card.
      e.:geforce 6800 ---->Quadro FX 4000
      same power for a fraction of cost

      [Edited on 10/2/2005 by negativecitizen]

    3. February 15, 2005

      # 3
      Thanks for reply!

      So, Geforce 6800 ultra is best for Maya 6.0 and games.
      But in Maya can I use Maya?s full futures and hardware render also doing better work by this card?

      bye bye

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