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      February 15, 2005

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      Here is a project I did awhile ego (as a student project). The purpose of this project was to integrate CG element into a live footage. I tracked the footage with a tracking software then I did the 3D modeling in Max 6.0 and later on composited the whole thing in After Effects 6.0. The final resut can be seen at:


      the making of this project can be seen at:


      [Edited on 15/2/05 by Seffil]

      [Edited on 17/2/2005 by Sunstar]

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      February 15, 2005

      # 2
      the tracking looks very good but i think you need work with the material of the "endoskeleton" looks very very dark ...

    3. Zamolxes's Avatar


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      February 21, 2005

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      good tracking indeed, and nice contrast-matching.
      but too bad that you had to change so much the colors of the original photo. I guess it's because of the 3D elements - they are not so good, in that the face looks like a computer-games-dude (the texture and shading is very simple, but more important - the facial expression is static, puppet-like), and also the "metalic" robo-elements lack detail, and... hm, flavor. another problem, I think, is the "cut" - where the flesh and metal meet. looks plastic and too simple.
      the post-processing has seriously affected the natural warmth of the photo. that's a pity. although you can see that in many movies...

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