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    1. February 26, 2005

      # 11

      software: cinema 4d
      time: 4 hours and 2 days with many breaks for fine tuning

      no hand drawn textures and no photo textures used, only shader used.

      the muse kissed me when.....
      when i was on return trip from my homeland where my girl friend lives. She finished our relationship.I was sad. I had 8 hours of car driving in front of me. Enough time to make the surrounding work on my mind mixed with the dear grief. I tried to distance from the pain in my heart and got more and more attracted to the never ending rythm of the street. The pulsating city skylinges. I got inspired by the journey. you look onto the street and watch the things travel besides you. The Center of your view is illuminated by your head lights, the edge melts in a black coat, so that the center gets your focus. It hypnotizes you. That Image captured in my mind had something attractive , something melancholic, that i tried to capture for life in this 3d still. This is the best result i could gain from my memories and i am contently.

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