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    1. Apollus's Avatar


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      March 14, 2005

      # 1
      Alguien me puede recomendar un software para post-produccion o algun curso bueno en Canada?

      Manejo Lightwave pero me interesa meterme a la post produccion...
      Si alguien tiene informacion se los agradecer

    2. titus's Avatar


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      Jan 2002



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      March 14, 2005

      # 2
      ?Cuales son tus necesidades?

      La pregunta que haces es gen?rica y en algunos foros est? prohibida ya que lo ?nico que hace es iniciar una guerra de programas y sales sin respuesta.

    3. Onix's Avatar


      san carlos

      Autodesk 3ds Max

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      May 2003



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      March 15, 2005

      # 3

      bueno, yo te podria recomendar After effects, ...tambien esta Combustion, digital fusion y creo que newtek tiene el videotoaster. .......hay otros pero no viene al caso mencionarlos ..

      sin duda vas por el camino correcto,.... no existe una produccion profesional que no haya pasado por algun programa de postproduccion,.....las posibilidades son ilimitadas si los aprendes a usar.


    4. hassan's Avatar


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      Feb 2005



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      March 15, 2005

      # 4
      Tambien tienes por ahi el shake aunque solo para mac, que es verdaderamente ligero y rapido.

      Ahora si lo que quieres hacer edicion , tienes por ahi la familia de Avid y el Final Cut Pro. checa esta lista

      Here is a list of software related to Compositing, 2D/3D integration and some Editing.

      DOA = not devloped anymore I included many DOA packages because many companies still use them so it is usefull to know about them.

      I will add descriptions to many of these when I have time.

      I. Compositing Software:
      1. Software Compositors

      a. Adobe After Effects: (Win, OSX)
      b. Discreet Combustion: (Win, OSX)
      c. Eyeon DFXWin)
      d. Eyeon Digital Fusion: (Win)
      e. Apple Shake: (OSX, Linux, Sgi)
      f. Houdini Halo: (Win, Linux, Sgi, Sun)
      g. Nuke: (Win, Linux)
      h. Softimage XSI FXTree: (built in compositor)(Win, Linux, Sgi)
      i. Matrix Compositor: (Win)
      j. Jahshaka: (Win, OSX, Linux, Sgi) (Free!)
      k. Sofimage Eddie: DOA (Sgi)
      l. 5D Cyborg: DOA (Win, Linux, Sgi) No site anymore, Discreet purchased most of the assets, so it just goes to their site.
      j. Cineon: DOA (Sgi)

      2. Harware Compositors

      a. Discreet Flint: (Sgi)
      b. Discreet Flame: (Sgi)
      c. Discreet Inferno: (Sgi)
      d. Jaleo: (Sgi)
      e. Piranah: (Linux, Sgi)
      f. Media Illusion: DOA (Sgi)
      g. Alias Composer: DOA (Sgi)

      3. Middle of the Road Compositor/Editor Software

      a. Boris Red: (Win, OSX)
      b. RadTime: (Win)
      II. Digital Paint
      1. 2d Paint

      a. Adobe Photoshop: (Win, OSX)
      b. Corel Painter: (Win, OSX)
      c. Gimp (Win, Linux, Sgi, Sun, Freebsd) (Free!)
      d. Amazon Paint (Linux, Sgi)
      e. Photogenics: (Win, Linux, Amiga, Pocktpc)
      f. Eclipse PaintWin, OSX) Previously owned by Alias many years ago it was a paint package on Sgi only. Now it runs on standard windows/mac hardware.
      g. Alias SketchBook Pro (Win)
      h. Alias Studio Paint: DOA (Sgi)2d/3d paint software used alot in the automotive industry and previously in the film industry. Many of it's features have been integrated into SketchBook Pro and the Alias Studio family of products.

      2. Roto/Video Paint

      a. Commotion (Win, OSX)
      b. Curious gFX (Win, OSX)
      c. Hammerhead roto (Sgi, Linux)
      d. Cinepaint: (Win, OSX, Linux) (Free!) Opensource painting application based on gimp. Previously was named FilmGimp. Many studios use it for Dustbusting Film.
      e. Liberty Paint: (Win, Sgi) A variety of hardware and software based paint packages for film and video.
      f. Matador: DOA (Sgi)
      III. Matchmoving/Tracking

      1. Realviz Matchmover: (Win, OSX, Linux)
      2. 2d3 Boujou: (Win, OSX, Linux)
      3. Science D Visions 3D Equalizer: (Win, OSX, Linux, Sgi)
      4. Hammerhead ras_track: (Linux, Sgi)
      5. Alias Maya Live: (Win, Linux, Sgi) A tracker that is built into Maya Unlimited. It was licensed technology from a company called Alchemy 3D, that was later bought by Synapix who went belly up a few year ago. Not a very good tracker compared to many of the standalone ones, but it works ok for day to day matchmoves.
      6. AFX Scene Genie(Win)
      7. Mamoe(Win, Sgi)
      8. PFTrack(Win, OSX, Linux, Sgi) Previously called Icarus, and developed at the Victoria University of Manchester. Has many similar featuers to Boujou and Mokey, but at half the price.
      9. Mokey(Win, OSX, Linux, Irix)
      10. SynthEyes(Win)
      11. Voodoo Camera Tracker(Win, Linux)

      IV. Retiming
      1. Realviz Retimer(Win, OSX, Linux)
      2. Re-vision Twixtor(Win, OSX)
      3. Phoenix Tools TimeMaster
      4. Kronos(part of Furnace)
      V. Editing Software:
      1. Software Editors

      a. Sony Vegaswas sonic foundry)(Win)
      b. Adobe Premiere Pro: (WinXP only)
      c. Apple Final Cut Pro: (OSX)
      d. Apple Final Cut Express: (OSX) A slimmed down version of Final Cut Pro for people who don't need all the extra features. Fills in the gap that Premiere left when it stopped on the mac platform in the under $500 editing software.
      e. Avid Xpress DVWin, OSX)
      f. Avid Xpress DV FREE: (Win, OSX) (Free!) Free version of avid's editing software with limitations like 2 video and 2 audio tracks.
      e. Speed Razor: (Win)
      f. Blade2: (Win)
      g. CinerellaLinux) (Free!)

      2. Hardware Editors

      a. Discreet Smoke: (Linux, Sgi)
      b. Discreet Fire: (Sgi)
      c. Avid Xpress Pro: (Win, OSX)
      d. Avid Media/Film Composer: (Win, OSX)
      e. Avid Symphony: (Win, OSX)
      f. Avid/Softimage DS: (Win)http://www2.softimage.com/avidds/
      g. Media 100 i: (OSX)
      h. Media 100 iFinish: (Win)
      i. Media 100 844/X: (Win)
      j. Pinnacle Liquid: (blue, silver, chrome, etc...) (Win)
      k. Quantel eQ(Win)
      l. Alias Wavefront Zap-it: DOA (Sgi) Really cool editing software from Alias that worked really fast on the O2. Unfortunatly only worked with the I/O capture board on the Sgi O2 and was never upgraded to work with anything else.
      VI. Digital Color Grading/Digital Intermediate
      1. Discreet Lustre: (Sgi)
      2. Da vinci:
      3. Pandora Megadef:
      4. Colorstar/Stardust: (Sgi)
      5. SpeedGrade RT:
      6. Silicon Color Final Touch: (Sgi, OSX)
      7. Nucoda Film Master:
      8. FilmLight Baselight:
      9. Quantel iQ
      VII. Digital Daily Playback
      1. FrameCycler
      2. Nucoda Data Play
      3. Bluefish 444 Symmetry(Win)
      4. 5D Commander DOA
      VIII: Broadcast Graphics
      1. Quantel gQ
      2. Quantel Qpaintbox(Win)
      3. Curious World Maps: (Win, OSX)
      4. Globecaster:
      5. Lyric:
      X. Utilities
      1. Particles
      a. Particle Illusion: (Win, OSX)
      b. Matrix 3d Particle System: (Win)

      3. Warper/Morphers
      a. Elastic Reality: DOA (Win, Sgi, Mac ) A very popular warping software that avid stopped supporting a few years ago. Many companies still use it.
      b. RE:Flex: (Plugin for AE,Combustion, Shake)
      c. Primordial ooze: (Win, OSX, Linux)
      d. WinMorph:
      e. Easy Morph:
      f. MorphMan:
      g. Morpheus:

      4. Others
      a. 2D3 SteadyMove: (Win)
      b. Realviz Stitcher: (Win, OSX)
      c. Rising Sun Research Cinespace:
      d. PFStable: (Win, OSX, Linux, Sgi)

    5. plechuga's Avatar


      Mexico City

      Autodesk Maya

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      Nov 2003





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      March 15, 2005

      # 5
      Y TITUS ten?a raz?n.

    6. March 15, 2005

      # 6
      gracias por toda la informacion...mi necesidad es basicamente darle un extra a mis proyectos, desde luego tratar? de ser mas especifico en un futuro.
      Saludos y gracias

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