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    1. mkyboy's Avatar

      United Kingdom

      mkyboy is on a distinguished road

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      Aug 2002



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      August 20, 2002

      # 1
      Hello, I'm mkyboy. I have used LW for about 2 years now. Mainly modelling work in Sub D's. After working through boring tutorials on building castles and spaceships for about a year, I struck out and started to get into organic modelling. Characters being my first choice as this is an area i'd like to get into. I just need to get my texturing up to speed and stop bouncing balls and get animating some expressions. Here's a recent head model. Let me know what you think eh?


    2. Paco's Avatar



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      Mar 2002



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      August 21, 2002

      # 2
      Para los cuates que no leen ingl?s, los comentarios:

      - Area de la boca, el labio inferior esta cuadrado, las esquinas est?n duras
      - Frente, algunas arrugas har?an bien. Hay unas curvas extra?as que se acercan hacia la parte de la ceja
      - En la barbilla, la percibo plana, especialmente en la secci?n media
      - La garganta debe tener una peque?a protuberancia. inclu?r el "hueco" entre la clav?cula.
      - Orejas y nariz de un personaje "mayor" generalmente son m?s grandes que las que est?n.
      - Bajo m?sculos zigom?ticos, parece que hay una transici?n muy dura
      - En caso de que la cabeza sea completamente sim?trica, agregar asimetr?a en la textura.

      Tambi?n me gustar?a ver la malla para comentar en la distribuci?n.

      Creo que en contexto general, eso es todo.


      [Edited on 21/8/2002 by Paco]

    3. August 21, 2002

      # 3
      Hi Mkyboy

      The head in fact looks good. I guess you were trying to depict an elder man, here are my picks (i'm way to picky).

      - Mouth area, lower lips seems to be somewhat square, the corners are really harsh on it.
      - Forehead, some wrinkles (say one or two) would give it a better look, on to the eyebrow ridge, there are some funky curved lines going into, try to move some points out of it or rework on that section.
      - On the chin, it seems to be almost flat, specially at the middle section
      - I guess you didn't wanted to model the neck/shoulder areas (yet), but the throat would need to protude a little, and for the realistic touch, also include the dimple between the clavicles
      - Ears and nose, usually on old people they tend to be bigger than the ones you have in there
      - Under the zygomatic muscles, (may be the shading is a little bit off), there seems to be a harsh transition.
      - I can't see if the face is completely symetrical, if so, you can add some asymetry in the textures for more impact.

      I would also like to see the wireframe (to comment on mesh distribution, if you'll like that).
      Overall it looks like a nice/well planned/executed raelistic-head model. Cheers.

    4. September 2, 2002

      # 4

      The LEFT wireframe is the one for the model you have seen. Thanks for your comments, i'll be returning to this project as soon as I can. Take a look at my website for further examples of this stuff.


    5. September 5, 2002

      # 5
      Hi Mkyboy

      I like the way this project of yours is coming, the change in the nose shape adds to the model (well, that's my feeling about it).

      On the wireframe distribution, there shouldn't be problems when animation time comes (if anything, maybe too dense for an interactive display). If you already tested the morph shapes (or bones, haven't used LW for animation in a while), you should be set, the area that would "worry me" is that of the corners of the eyes.

      BTW, you may want to change the Fcurve on the head rotation to avoid the speed-up and down in the turntable, make it linear so it won't do that (kind of annoying, specially for a reel). He he he, liked the hanged-zombie... you should animate that one...

      Congratulations, good work on this head.

    6. September 18, 2002

      # 6
      Cheers Paco. Sorry I take so long to reply. I don't get an email ressponse when someone posts. Also, this site doesn't seem that stable.


    7. Proton's Avatar

      Proton is on a distinguished road

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      Nov 2002



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      November 13, 2002

      # 7
      Great Model.....can't wait to see it animated!

    8. mikadit's Avatar

      mikadit is on a distinguished road

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      Apr 2003



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      April 25, 2003

      # 8
      yes great once
      this is a good way to learn
      Paco's critics are essential with a good model like your mkyboy
      this is like a good tutorial

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