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      May 26, 2005

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      Hi everyone !

      After my latest topic "Which kind of 3d softwares for Linux?",
      I'm back for questions concerning OpenGL and I'm sure there will be someone to answer my questions !

      Actually, I got in touch with openGL and now I can use effects like Blending, Shading, Lighting, cartoon Shading, bump mapping, mipmapping etc.

      So I got an idea of a scene in OpenGL (it tool me less than a second to think about it ) that can be easily made with usual 3d softwares (maya , 3ds max ..) .
      The scene is so simple because it just an application of a texture to an X PLAN that will be rotated and seen from different views with gluPerspective.
      The main problem is that I would like to have an animated textures, not rotated or translated with GL_TEXTURE but I want to apply a sort of video sequence to the X Plan during the scene.

      As far as I know, we can only apply pictures with jpg or gif format but not video sequence.
      it may be possible but I don't know which functions I have to use for that.
      So if anybody got an idea, it'd be great !

      As I don't know how to apply a video sequence to an object with OpenGL, I thought about capturing a series of frames from a video sequence but I believe it's not real good idea and the rendering would be so low because of the number of pixels that OpenGL would have to calculate for each loop.

      But this is not the main problem because I want to include in my code a function that captures each frame from an existing avi file then apply it directly to the X Plan. That means that I wouldn't need to capture the frames earlier and save them in jpg , rgb or gif files.

      Anybody got an idea ?? (or even understood what i'm talking about !! )

      And by the way, if anybody got some good & easy examples of 3d scenes made with 3d studio max or Maya PLE , please post them !

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      May 26, 2005

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      I haven't coded OpenGL in any years so I don't have a real answer, only guessing. I think you need an AVi wrapper or library to read AVI files and interpret very frame, but maybe is easier to read a sequence of ndividual map files as you say.

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