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      June 1, 2005

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      Just wanted everyone to know about the new stuff happening.

      1: new 3d compositing dvd being released next week>

      matchmoving with boujou, pftrack
      animting with maya, cinama4d
      and compositing with combustion and flame

      ALL ON 1 DVD! create a sin city type project with all the techniques needed in a vfx pipeline.

      Also, new free video tutorial at:


      Tutorial 32: Transferring 3D Camera Data to Multiple Applications
      (Workarounds come from experience.)

      This tutorial is designed to show you, you don't always get what you pay for. Learn some cool work arounds to get 3d camera data in to your desired applications. Remember this tutorial, it will b e prevalent to the new cmiVFX dvd's coming out on 3D compositing. I will cover other translations besides just c4d to maya


      [Edited on 1/6/2005 by Sunstar]

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